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Trust GTA Home Network for expert guidance in buying or selling homes and condos in Toronto and the GTA. With our extensive knowledge and direct communication with top developers, we'll find you the best investment options. From answering your pre-purchase questions to ensuring a smooth transaction, we've got you covered. Find your dream house in Toronto and create a memorable and profitable property purchase with us.


We give you the right to worry about paying real estate commissions. But in GTA home network, the real estate commission is usually paid by the seller, and you, as a buyer, do not pay any fees after buying a house.

The purchasing agent provides the needed services, but they never consider your interests. Because you have hired them to facilitate home-buying services, don’t expect them to buy you a house with a low price but high facilities. In addition, the agent does not have a good grasp of up-to-date property prices. But when you make a deal with us, you won’t have these problems because we are aware of all the conditions of buying and selling property, and by checking real estate prices in real time, we provide the best offers according to your budget.

As soon as you decide to buy a house, you can ask us for help. You can even consult with us before buying about the desired place you want to search for a house in that area, the desired facilities, the amenities of the area and the budget you have planned for buying a house so that we can list the best houses. We will provide you according to what you want. We will always contact you on a specific schedule to provide you with a list of the best offers. The positive point of working with us is that your satisfaction and peace of mind are very important to us from the time you plan to buy a house to the end.

In the early stages, when our relationship with you has not been fully confirmed, and I do not know about your needs, you will not be included in this service. Like other contacts in the list, you will be included in the automatic service. But as soon as your decision to buy a house becomes serious, we will discuss this matter thoroughly, and you will receive more information about the list of houses you want. We focus on customers who 100% want to use our support services.

If you are in a hurry to buy a house and want to move in the next 3 or 4 months, you can start visiting houses according to our consultants’ schedule.

Before starting the conversation, you will be provided with a questionnaire in which you must fully answer the questions. The advantage of this work is that we fully identify your goals and needs, and accordingly, a list of the best houses is offered to you.

We do everything according to the plan and according to your wishes. You may want to sell your house first and buy another house with the money; in this case, our priority is to sell the house, but sometimes you don’t need to sell the house immediately, and you want it to be sold at the right time at a high price, so all our focus on buying a house. As we said, we plan all the steps according to your needs.

Buying a house is an important decision, so you should consult with experts and trusted people. We trust our team so that you also trust us, share your wishes with us and learn about the stages of the project process from beginning to end; a meeting will be arranged for chatting. In this meeting, you will talk about your interests, needs, and expectations from a real estate agent. In addition, you will also get to know our work process.

The essential document you need to bring is two pieces of ID belonging to the buyer, which you can email to me or bring with you to the meeting.

The presence of anyone who has a stake in buying a house is mandatory. Because in this meeting, your needs and expectations will be discussed, and as the person who will buy the house for you, we must know these expectations.

There is no requirement to sign a contract at the first meeting. Because this meeting has been prepared only for you to get to know us so that you can be aware of the level of our expertise and abilities, in this meeting, you can evaluate how we work because we will be together for a long time.

If we agree with each other, we will start our work. We will send you a list of houses that you want. In addition, we will answer any questions you have.

You should apply for a mortgage before buying a house because it shows you are determined to buy a house. In addition, your budget will be determined, and we can help you better. So you should apply for a loan immediately.

You are not our only customer, but we take care of all our customers with planning. We are completely flexible. You may want to choose the beginning of the week, the middle of it, or the weekend to visit your desired homes. In addition, we prepare a list of your needs, and as soon as we find a house that suits your conditions, we arrange an appointment for you to visit it.

Our consultants have enough expertise and skills to make the necessary plans as soon as possible and coordinate the appointment to visit the houses.

We are known for our honesty, commitment, loyalty and regularity. You can also have these expectations from us. We also need to know your needs and interests in buying a house and your concerns. We never force you to buy a house, but we tell you the facts, and if a house does not have the right conditions, we tell you honestly.

We are fully aware of your concerns as a home buyer, and we will help you make the best choice in this path without stress. You can also trust our many years of experience in buying a house.

We want our customers to communicate with us well so that we can help them well. Be sure that if the relationship between you and us is well formed, the best results for buying a house will be achieved. In addition, you should trust us and know that you are working with an expert and experienced team with sufficient knowledge of this work.

Closing a deal means you are 100% committed to buying a home and want us to do it for you. As a result, as soon as the contract is signed, our representatives are obliged to fulfill your wishes to find a house that suits your taste and needs. But nothing is certain until we have an agreement between you and us, and you may meet with other representatives after you meet with us. We need a contract to ensure our continued cooperation.

When you trust us and make your first visit, a meeting will be arranged to close the contract. In this meeting, everything you expect from us and what we expect from you will be written for you to gain knowledge and confidence. The contract is arranged after the first visit to familiarize yourself with how we work and sign a contract if you are satisfied and willing.

Most buyers are looking for homes that have pictures available. That is, they only check the list of houses that have images. At the same time, many houses that do not have a picture may be more beautiful. So as a buyer, be sure to check out the homes without photos because many of them are great.

Most buyers fall in love with the decorations of a house and forget to pay attention to the most important points, such as its location. We always check the facts and tell our clients to check the location and price first, then check the decorations and amenities of a home.

We always tell the buyers to pay attention to the future, that is, before buying a house, check whether the location of this house is good. What is the advantage of this area compared to other residential neighbourhoods? Is the neighbourhood they buy a house suitable for their lifestyle? Because customers may only care about the present, we remind them that you may live here for a long time, so consider all the circumstances.

There are many reasons to sell a house for a low price, one of the most important is that the house may need to be renovated. Sellers may also want to sell it to the highest bidder through an auction. So nothing is clear; we have to look at the reasons.

Some sellers may overstate the price of the house by 10% until you negotiate with them and finally sell it at the real price. But some others have an unrealistic price, and they don’t listen to our advice either because they think that eventually someone will be found to buy this house at their proposed price. You should give up buying these houses because these people are not good at negotiating.

Suppose you find a home at a good price; congratulations because you are very lucky. These sellers are very fair, so when buying a house, we may offer a lower price than what they said, but we don’t insist.

This question can be answered in two ways. The first answer is that if you visit a house with an unusual price, never rush to buy, but if you visit a house with a reasonable price and complete amenities, don’t waste your time and quickly make your purchase.

We record all the details clearly in the contract written in your presence and write all the obligations we will do in it.

No, it is not good at all because more ways of negotiation are lost. When you immediately accept the offer, you involve the seller in emotions that may not have a good result. So take it slow.

If your buying decision becomes real, it should come within one business day to complete the contract. Just make sure to get the financial confirmation from the bank and keep it with you. You can consult a lawyer about the steps for this.

A thorough inspection is done to discover anything we may not have seen. Problems such as a broken door, a cracked wall, or… need repairs. We can agree with the seller to reduce the cost of repairs from the final price of the house.

When the seller and the buyer sign the prepared agreement, the purchase is finalized, and you become the house owner.

It is very normal for the buyer to regret the purchase. Especially if it’s the first home he’s bought. Therefore, we recommend that you check everything carefully during the purchase process so that you do not regret it after the purchase. If this happens, you must act according to the obligations written in the contract.

No, there is no obligation. The house you bought will be available to you a few days or a few weeks before moving so that you can implement the changes you want, such as changing the colour of the walls or the tiles.

Yes, we are with you in all stages, and you can ask us your questions.

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