Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Construction Condos in GTA

About Pre-Construction Condos in GTA

You must have thought about the pre-construction house in Canada, the advantages and disadvantages, and the risks.

What points should we pay attention to reduce risk and profit? Many people in Canada have thought of pre-purchasing a condo as a way to invest and own a house. But they still have doubts about this. If you also decide to invest by pre-purchasing a condo, reading this article is 100% useful. The GTA Home Network is a good guide for you to know all the tips for pre-construction condos.

What is a Pre-Construction Condo? 

Pre-construction condos are projects that still need to be completed. Those who want to become homeowners and own a house at a more affordable cost can use this opportunity. As a result, a contract is created between the original owner and the buyer, according to which obligations are included until the construction of the condo is completed. But everything is more challenging than it was said because a condo’s pre-construction has risks and possible dangers, which we will discuss in detail below.

How To Find Top Pre-Construction Condo Projects GTA?

The challenge for many people is finding out about condo projects under construction. Is there a way? There are many ways, but as you know, one of the best ways to find condos in different locations and also the top 10 condo projects selling in 2023 you can visit the GTA Home Network website.

We are with you both for buying and selling houses and pre-construction condos and houses. Due to the large number of condos under construction in 2023, and the constantly changing prices and conditions of sale, we can provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Note that in a pre-construction condo, it is necessary to get help from a knowledgeable consultant, just like buying it:

  1. Having good relationships with condo builders to create the most benefits for you
  2. Analyzing your conditions and helping you choose a construction company and project that fits your budget
  3. Proper understanding of the contract terms and knowledge of all aspects of the investment; as a result, the risk of pre-construction condo fraud is reduced to zero.

As Canada’s best real estate agent, we are in contact with many builders. We usually get to know about the pre-construction news of various condo projects earlier than others. As a result, we can offer you the best condo at the best price.

you Need to Know About Pre-Construction Condos in GTA

Steps for Buying a Pre-Construction Condo in GTA

If you take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, i.e. pre-construction house, you must review the steps before buying to make a better and more successful purchase. Are you ready to review these steps?

Register on the GTA Home Networks website

If you want to receive the latest information about pre-construction home projects, register on our website. We send you the latest and most up-to-date project news. If you want to buy, you will contact one of our consultants to continue the process of buying a house. Because you can’t be alone on this path, so you should ask an agent to help you. The task of this representative is to ensure the accuracy of the projects under construction and to suggest the best project that suits your conditions.

Determine your budget

As with any other purchase, you need to determine the budget you want to allocate to your investment, which depends on various factors. Of course, don’t worry about paying the fee because you can use the terms of getting a loan. In addition, most projects have different payment terms; for example, some offer monthly payment plans, so you can plan to pay the fees.

Don’t forget that a pre-construction house, like any other investment, has its risks; for example, the developer may not be able to deliver your property in the estimated time, the market may change, or there may be a significant change that causes the price to drop. Therefore, you should prepare yourself to face any risk.

Specify the delivery time

The delivery date of the house is one of the most critical points you should pay attention to. Usually, units that are pre-constructions have different delivery times; you might ask.

What is the minimum waiting time for home delivery? There is no correct answer as to when exactly the time to deliver home, as it depends on various factors, such as the circumstances of each investor. So consider a delay of at least one to two months.

Choose your investment objective

Pre-construction house is an investment that you can earn in two ways; one is that you can have a constant and continuous yield through renting the house, or you can get a total profit from the sale of the property. Many investors decide that they can only decide once they take delivery of their home, as market conditions can vary. Consider the benefits of each and choose one based on which is most beneficial to you.

Find out the experience and reputation of the manufacturer

It would help if you considered the builder’s reputation because you are buying a property that has yet to be built, so the builder must have a reputation so that you can easily trust him. For example, you can check the projects they have already built and ask about their responsibility in fulfilling their obligations so that you can make a better decision.

Choose the payment method

Now that you have a complete picture of your investment, including your budget, risks, goals, and destination, you need to choose the payment plan that works best for you. There are several payment plans from which you can choose the most suitable one.

The most common plan is to choose a mortgage payment plan. To apply for this loan, you must apply to make it available to you when handing over the house.

Write everything

All negotiations between you and the seller must be in writing. For example, if there is a delay in the delivery of the house, you should receive damages, or if quality materials are used. Mentioning all these points will allow you to pursue the matter legally in case of any problem.

Remember that verbal conversations are invalid and cannot be followed up, so as we said, write everything in the agreement between the parties, sign it and keep a copy.

Take the 10-day course

After everything is done and the contract between you and the seller is signed, you are usually given 10 days to review your contract. We recommend you ask an experienced lawyer for help to check all aspects more carefully. During these 10 days, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can cancel the contract without any problems.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Pre-Constructiona Condo?

If you are considering pre-purchasing a condo in Canada, you should also know its advantages and disadvantages to make a better decision.

The cons of pre-construction condos are:


To pre-construction a condo, you must also pay a tax, usually 5%. Of course, in some cases, you can qualify for the exemption. You can consult your accountant to check this.

One of the most common problems and disadvantages of pre-purchasing a condo is the failure to deliver it on time. Sometimes, for various reasons, the builder may need help to deliver the condo to the buyer to his obligations. Usually, the builders announce an estimated time for the delivery of the condo. But various variables, such as weather, accidents, fanatical inspectors, etc., may delay the delivery time of the condo.


This is the scariest thing that can happen. Builders may cheat in different ways. You must have heard that a pre-construction house is sold to several people. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common methods of fraud. In order not to experience this bitter incident, you can consult real estate consultants; indeed, when a knowledgeable person is by your side, 100% reliable projects will be introduced to you.


In most cases, you can get a loan if you pre-construction a condo. Therefore, consult a loan broker before pre-purchasing a condo to take advantage of these conditions.

The Pros Of Pre-construction condos in GTA are:


You can safely pre-construction the condo you want because you are sure it has a warranty for a certain period. Therefore, if a part of the house needs repair, you can take advantage of the warranty conditions without paying any fees.

Financial advantages

The price increase and interest due to inflation are included in the property’s total price, while the buyer only paid a small amount for the down payment.

Swelling control

Experience has shown that when people try to make their down payment, the house price usually becomes more expensive due to inflation. As a result, it may be no longer possible with the savings they had already considered for buying a condo. Don’t buy. But by pre-purchasing a condo, they don’t have to worry about this anymore because they know that inflation and high prices do not include them.


In pre-construction condos, you can choose a variety of maps, floors and colours yourself. A part of the house still needs to be completed; you can select the colour of the walls, cabinets or other parts according to your taste.

Less trouble for the buyer

Due to the fact that the building is new, the possibility of damage and, as a result spending time and money on its maintenance is reduced. As a result, there is no need to spend time and money to rebuild its various parts. In addition, if the feeling of the newness of the apartment and its furniture is important to you, you don’t have to worry about vandalism by the previous owner. Because if you are allergic to animal hair, there will be no pet hair because you are the first owner of this condo.


Those who have pre-construction condos have enough time to get a mortgage. As a result, you can safely look for a loan to cover your budget deficit for shopping.

SUm Up

If you dream of owning a house, you can use the wonderful conditions and pre-construction plans of a condo. But don’t get excited, and ask a professional real estate agent for help so you don’t lose money. GTA Home Network is by your side as a guide to introduce you to the best pre-construction condo projects. However, before implementing this decision, be sure to read the advantages, disadvantages and points mentioned about the pre-construction of a condo in this text.


Is Buying a Condo a Good Investment?

Yes, purchasing a condo in Toronto as an investment property, particularly in a city like Toronto, presents a favorable investment opportunity. Condos have demonstrated substantial appreciation, often surpassing an annual growth rate of 5% to 6%.

How Does Pre-Construction Work in Ontario?

In Ontario, the process of pre-construction for condo units operates as follows: The purchaser does not officially own the condo unit until the entire condo development is completed, and the building is registered. Prior to completion, it is only possible to sell the purchaser’s legal rights and obligations as stated in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). This type of sale is commonly known as an assignment sale.

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