Top 10 Condo Projects Selling In Toronto In Spring 2023 

Top 10 Condo Projects Selling In Toronto In Spring 2023 

Toronto is one of the most magnificent and significant cities in the world, where a large population of natives and immigrants live there. In addition, the population of this city is increasing every day, so we must look for a way to increase the number of housing. One of these methods is the construction of a condo, which has become very popular among people. Kinds of condos have become more popular than apartments because they have all the comforts and high security.

Condos are the best choice for downtown living. If you also want to live in the city center and enjoy services such as proximity to transportation, entertainment centers, etc., it is better to choose a condo. Condos are located around the city center, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your conditions. Below is a list of the best condos in 2023.

1. Olive Residences

buying condo in Olive Residences

If you want to live in a modern house, our suggestion is Olive. This high-rise and modern residential complex has 29 floors and 350 units and is located near many shops, restaurants, parks and schools.

In this residential complex, the units are one-bedroom, two-bedroom or three-bedroom, and their area is between 405 to 980 square feet, all designed most beautifully. Some of the fantastic facilities of this residential complex are:

  • The rooms are covered with laminate flooring
  • The modern design of doors
  • The separate water and electricity meters of each suite
  • Proper ventilation system
  • European-style kitchen cabinet design
  • Stainless steel sink in the kitchen
  • Professional and modern lighting in different parts of the house
  • There is a luxurious lobby on the ground floor
  • 24-hour security of the residential complex due to security
  • Dedicated space for meeting room

You can see the general specifications of this condo below:

  • Starting in the $500s
  • Located on Yonge & Finch, North York
  • Launching January 2023!

2. Centricity Condos

buying condo in centricity

This residential complex is located in the center of Toronto near one of the largest universities, Raison. In addition, a large shopping center is also located nearby. This complex of 53 floors with 594 units is located at 241 Church Street and in one of the most lovely neighbourhoods of the city center located in the Garden area. The advantages of this condo that make it different from other condos:

  • There is a large lobby on the ground floor of the complex
  • It has a unique hall for cycling
  • It has a study room, meeting rooms, and shared workspaces on the 6th floor
  • It has a particular floor for fun

You can see the general specifications of this condo below:

  • Starting in the $500s
  • Located on  Church & Dundas St E, Toronto
  • Launching Jan 11th!

3. 75 James Condominiums

buying condo in 75 James Condominiums

By choosing this condo, turn the luxury life you dreamed of into reality. If you like high-rise living, choose 75 James Condos. This tall tower consists of 34 floors with 616 modern units. A thoroughly professional modern style has been used in the construction of the units. By choosing this condo as a place to live, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Dedicated space for washing pets
  • Dedicated halls for shared workspace, theatre, children’s games and sports
  • Professional lighting in all parts of the house
  • It has two levels of underground parking and two levels of parking on the ground inside the platform
  • Proximity to the biggest shopping centers

You can see the general specifications of this condo below:

  • Starting in the $400s
  • Located on James St S & King St E, Hamilton

4. The Deane Condos

buying condo in the Dean Condos

If you are tired of living in giant high towers, we suggest The Deane Condos. This attractive condo is located in the South Oakville area, in the center of Kerr Village, and offers residents a peaceful and friendly living experience. By living in this condo, enjoy the peaceful green spaces surrounding it and Lake Ontario while maintaining easy and convenient access to the city center and public transportation stations. Benefit from the following facilities by living in this condo:

  • There are many parks and walking trails around it.
  • All kinds of shops, restaurants and cafes are located near you
  • It is a very short distance from Mac Mast University.

You can see the general specifications of this condo below:

  • Starting in the $700s
  • Located on Kerr St & Deane Ave, Oakville

5. M5 Condos

buying condo in M5 Condos

This condo is built on 36 floors and has 4 elevators. Cecconi Simone Inc did its interior design. This condo is one of the most equipped and has unlimited choices. By living in this residential complex, you can also use the following facilities.

  • Intelligent security system and 24-hour security of the complex
  • Separation of commercial parking from residential parking
  • All suites have a 24-inch refrigerator and a 24-inch dishwasher

The general specifications of this condo are:

  • Burnhamthope & Confederation Pkwy, Mississauga
  • Westbend Residences
  • Starting in the $600s
  • Located on Bloor St W & Keele St, Toronto

6. One Delisle Condos

One Delisle Condos represent by Yervand Safarian

It is one of the most luxurious condos you can own in Toronto. One of the best architecture and design companies built this residential complex. The total area of this condo is 1558, which includes one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom units. If you pay attention to the amenities in the residential complex, choose this condo because it has a well-equipped swimming pool and parking inside the complex. Other amenities of this residential complex are:

  • Restaurant and several dining rooms
  • Shared workspaces
  • 24-hour security service
  • Equipped lobby

The general specifications of this condo are:

  • Located on 1 Delisle Ave, Toronto, ON M4T 1Z6
  • The Mid $1,300,000’s CAD
  • Launching date 2026

7. XO2 Condos

XO2 Condos buying

The project is located in Liberty Village, close to many modern shops and restaurants. The 19-story, 410-unit condo is located at 1182 King Street West, at the northeast corner of Dufferin Street and King Street W. Located in the Liberty Village neighbourhood. Some of the unique facilities of this residential complex are:

  • Private dining room
  • The gym is equipped with the latest sports equipment
  • Large outdoor terrace
  • A modern kitchen with a custom design

Detailed specifications of this condo:

  • Located at 1182 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1E6
  • The Mid $700,000’s CAD
  • Launching date 2024

8. Motto Condos

buying in MOTTO Condos

This condo has 12 floors and 97 residential units and is built in one of the best neighbourhoods for quick access to coffee shops, shops and parks. Fifty-one units of this complex have one bedroom, and the other 28 units have two bedrooms. The kitchens in each unit are equipped with refrigerators and dishwashers. In addition, there are many seats in the lobby of this residential complex, which can be a suitable place for all kinds of meetings. Other top features of this condo:

  • Specialized fitness center
  • Study room with full facilities

The general specifications of this condo are:

  • Located on 990 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1L8
  • The Low $600,000’s CAD
  • Launching date 2025

9. 11 YV Condos

buying condo in 11 YV Condos

A luxurious and modern building in one of the best areas of Toronto, Yorkville, which has 62 floors and 580 suites. The suites of this complex are one-bedroom (between 425-631 square feet), two-bedroom (695-896 square feet), or three-bedroom (982-1163 square feet). The amenities of this condo are a little more compared to other condos, that’s why the price of the units is slightly higher. The facilities of this residential complex include:

  • Two-story lobby with complete services
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Jacuzzi with fireplace and black marble
  • Sports club, theatre hall, children’s entertainment centers

The general specifications of this condo are:

  • Located on 11 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 1L2
  • The Low $1,200,000’s CAD
  • Launching date 2024

10. Lansing square condos

buy in Lansing Square condos

Do you want to live in an area with excellent facilities? Lansing Square condos are the best choice for those looking for complete amenities. These condos have 1350 residential units located at 2550 Victoria Park Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2J 5A9 by Almadev. Currently, these condos have two towers named A, which consists of 40 floors and 434 units, and B, which consists of 27 floors and 297 units.

The best restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, banks and schools are located near Lansing Square. In addition, you are only 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, where you can easily use public transportation, such as buses, to get to the city center. We have summarized more detailed information and advantages of Lansing Square condos for you:

· It is the best area to live and work because everything is within walking distance.

· One-bedroom to three-bedroom units are developed so that you can choose according to your conditions.

· Unique amenities such as a swimming pool, outdoor terrace and Plenty of modern parks are provided.

· All units have excellent views.

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