What is the best way to list a house for sale in Canada?

best way to list a house for sale in Canada?

If you want to get your house listed for sale quickly, the first step is to get the help of a professional real estate agent with a good reputation in the market. You may not know how to list your house for sale or what is the best house sale list? In this text, we will guide you completely.

We know that selling a house in Toronto can be a difficult and stressful task, but one of the best and most effective ways is to get help from the sales list. You need to know how much your home is worth and when is the best time to list your home for sale. In the following, we will review the effective techniques for including the house in the sale list :

1. Get help from a real estate agent

To get your house listed for sale, you need to ask a real estate agent for help. With sufficient expertise and skills, they are your best guide because they know the home sales market well. The real estate consultant will put your house on a similar list in terms of neighbourhood, square footage, number of rooms and price to increase the chances of selling the house.

2. Choose the right time to sell

Choosing the right time to sell your home is effective in identifying genuine buyers and selling your home at the best price. For this reason, before selling your house, check these factors:

Time of year: Some months, like March, April, and September, are the best time to sell a house in Toronto. During this period, the demand for buying a house is very high, and you have a great chance to sell a house at the best price.

Checking the market situation: The house’s selling price now differs from a year ago. Therefore, whenever you decide to sell your house, check and analyze the market situation carefully to value your house better.

3. Determining the right price to sell

The value and price of houses differ according to their conditions; you should determine the best and most reasonable selling price for your house. When determining the real price of the house, the following factors are compared to your property:

  • The selling price of similar houses in your neighbourhood
  • Market conditions for home sales at that time

4. Complete the necessary documents

Gather all essential documents, including builder layouts, permits and receipts for home improvements, land tax receipts, utility bills, and warranties.

Compile all rental contracts, such as those for hot water heaters, water softeners, or furnaces, as many homeowners rent these items. In some cases, these contracts can be transferred to the new homeowner, but it is important to investigate whether transfer is possible. If the contract is non-transferable, you will likely need to settle the remaining term of the contract before the closing.

To ensure a smooth sale, it is advisable to plan ahead. Consider investing in an updated land survey and obtaining a pre-listing home inspection report. This will provide potential buyers with peace of mind and valuable information about your home.

An informed buyer is more likely to be a serious buyer. Additionally, decide whether to include fixtures and movable items in the sale. Fixtures refer to anything permanently affixed to the house, while movables include appliances like kitchen appliances, washer and dryer. While appliances are typically included in home sales, it is not always the case. Don’t forget to consider common items that buyers often like to have included in the deal, such as a hot tub, gazebo, patio furniture, and BBQ.

If you have a pool, provide information about the company you hire annually to open and close it. During the winter season, when the pool is closed, the buyer’s agent may contact the pool company to inquire about its condition when last inspected by a professional. Providing this information in advance will expedite the process of receiving offers from interested buyers and result in fewer conditions in the offers.

5. Do the necessary repairs

Any damage to the walls or kitchen tiles can reduce the house’s value, so before putting the house’s name on the sale list, do significant repairs and eliminate any minor issues that may reduce the chances of selling the house.

Be sure that any small problem in the house makes the buyer wonder whether there are bigger problems. So think of a solution before you lose your customers.

You can check the rooms to find out what repairs you need. If the walls have holes or cracks, you can paint them again. Be sure to check the kitchen so that the cabinets and drawers can be opened and closed easily. Other factors that you must check before selling the house:

  • Home heating system
  • Home Ventilation
  • The windows are not broken

6. Give more importance to the kitchen

The kitchen is always the first place to be evaluated when visiting a property. Buyers attach great importance to the kitchen. If different parts of the house need to be renovated, but you need more time or money to renovate it, we suggest you renovate the kitchen only. Because renovating the kitchen alone can double the value of the property. Changing the cabinets, painting them, or repairing the plumbing can significantly change the house.

7. Prepare the house for viewing

Everyone wants to buy a home that they feel good about. One of your primary duties as a seller is to prepare your home for buyers to visit. You can put yourself in the customer’s position and look carefully at everything in the house from their point of view, then start making changes.

The first thing is to remove the extra items from inside the living room and place the items in such a way that the space of the house looks big. Gradually clean the bedrooms and bathrooms.

8. Take quality photos of your home

If you want your house to be listed for sale quickly, you must take quality pictures of its different parts. Experience has shown that homes needing more are less likely to be sold. Because buyers prioritize visiting houses that have photos. Therefore, attach high-quality pictures of the house’s rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and exterior to your house sale ad.

best way to list a house for sale in Ontario

9. Write the positive points of the house

Every house has positive features that some buyers are looking for. You can also mention the positive features of your home, such as sufficient light, a quiet neighbourhood without noise, quiet neighbours, having a parking lot, etc. and see its effect in increasing the number of requests from visitors.

Sum Up

There are several ways to sell a house, including getting your home listed for sale in Toronto and GTA Home Network to sell your house faster and easier. Since there are so many home listings, you must choose the most authentic one. Placing the name of your house in the Yervand Safarian list as a successful agent with different means of marketing to turn the sale into a lucrative transaction for all parties of the best and most reliable sales lists is the best decision. You can contact us immediately to get advice and experience a unique sale or purchase.

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